Eagle Tempo

Eagle Tempo coffee machine by Victoria Arduino the ultimate solution for restaurants, roasteries, chains, bakeries, patisseries, hotels, and coffee shops that simply want to deliver good coffee and plant-based drinks.
And as with all of Victoria Arduino’s coffee equipment, the Eagle Tempo is committed to sustainability, providing bespoke technology and elegant design.
  • Pre-programmed, one-touch simplicity.
  • Beauty and brains redesigned.
  • Energy efficient, environmentally conscious.
  • High productivity
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Handsome features ensure the Eagle Tempo won't go unnoticed, yet it's a compact coffee machine that fits any space. Whether you're serving one or a dozen customers, a handful of patented technologies guarantee that every single beverage is as good as the last. With effortless efficiency, the Eagle Tempo simply delivers your favourite coffee and milk and plant-based drinks, time after time.
Day by Day
Hour by Hour
Minute by Minute
Second by Second
Quality & Quantity
Coffee after Coffee
Again & Again

Seven days a week


Eagle Tempo is an energy efficient coffee machine, better for both your business and the environment. Tap the numbers on the picture below to discover all Eagle Tempo’s Technologies.
Easycream technology begins with an automated steam wand which allows operators to heat the same quantity of milk or plant-based drinks in an instant. Barista’s simply push the lever and Easycream will prepare your drink at the right temperature, with the correct amount of cream, providing your customers with a consistently high-quality beverage at a moment's notice.
Delivered via the innovative steam wand that features a tangential perforated nozzle, Steam-by-wire technology guarantees a dense yet silky milk or plant-based cream every time. All the barista has to do is hit purge or steam, switch the pretty aluminum lever and the electronic controls do the rest. High-volume stainless-steel boilers maintain a constant pressure of 2.1 bar to generate a perfect vortex of milk in the steam pitcher, optimizing the micronization of the milk or plant-based drinks.
Victoria Arduino’s exclusive NEO technology offers high productivity by using up to 29% less energy than the previous model by employing multi-boiler technology, an instant heating system and a unique insulation mechanism that reduces both heat dispersion and energy consumption. It’s simple to use too, the barista sets the temperature on the display and the Eagle Tempo maintains the same temperature during the whole dispensing phase for the production of consistently high-quality beverages. And thanks to a bigger boiler the preparation of milk and plant-based beverages are a cinch.
Our patented T.E.R.S. (Thermal Energy Recovery system) system uses the discharged water to pre-heat the incoming water through a recycling method, thus minimizing waste.
Having to stop and clean the portafilter slows things down, it takes up valuable moments when you could be doing something else. Victoria Arduino’s Autopurge technology helps to speed up the workflow and saves on water waste. This time-saving feature will automatically clean the portafilters when you’re not using them, so they’re always fresh for the next basket. That’s one less thing to worry about and more time to focus on your customers, all in one fell swoop.
Each of the two or three group heads come with customisable, ergonomic headlights. In addition to lighting up the working area so you can see what you’re doing, being able to identify the function of a button at a glance is going to be enormously appreciated when you’ve got a rush of customers. And it’d be remiss if we didn’t complement the aesthetic concept with some beautiful iridescence to light up your life. You’re welcome.
The touchscreen display allows the barista to read brewing information, create recipes, change settings and navigate auxiliary functions in an instant.
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Matt Black with Stainless Steel Eagle
Matt White with Stainless Steel Eagle
Stainless Steel with Stainless Steel Eagle
Heritage – Stainless steel with Brass Eagle and Brass Rear Bands

Technical specifications

Specifications 2 Group 3 Group
Height (mm) 416 416
Width (mm) 825 1055
Depth (mm) 650 650
Voltage (V) 220-380 220-380
Watt (W) 6000 7400
Coffee Boiler Capacity (L) 0.14 0.14
Steam Boiler Capacity (L) 8 8
Neo technology
Steam by Wire
Insulated Boilers
Touchscreen Display
Low or raised groups

Perfect match with MYONE coffee grinder

Mythos MyOne and Eagle Tempo

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