Improve your experience with Victoria Arduino new apps 

Being able to pick up on new trends and transform them into accessible and innovative design products is what characterises the Victoria Arduino brand. Besides design and intelligence, for Victoria Arduino, innovation means finding solutions that can offer baristas the best interaction with the machine, control over the coffee and a precision of extraction that releases the purest flavour from every coffee.

With a view to further improving the experience, Victoria Arduino is launching two new apps, Victoria Arduino E1 and Victoria Arduino BE Maverick, which provide greater control and offer the right inspiration for new sensorial experiences.

Victoria Arduino BE Maverick App

This is an innovative app for people who want to express their Maverick attitude. With the creation of recipes based on espresso or Pure Brew and on their sensorial profile, and with the visualisation of flow curves, the Black Eagle Maverick app is extremely simple to use and allows the barista to have total control over one of more Black Eagle Maverick. The app also makes it possible to consult recipes saved to the Cloud by Mavericks throughout the world and to receive the latest Victoria Arduino updates inside VA World, such as exclusive news and previews of the BE Club specially reserved for Black Eagle Maverick owners.

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Victoria Arduino E1 app

Eagle One is a smart coffee machine, with a strong digital vocation, that provides the best support for your urge to share your recipes with other coffee lovers.

The Victoria Arduino E1 smartphone app has been designed for the new coffee shop generation and for baristas and roasters who love to share their experience and knowledge. Exclusive and user-friendly, the Eagle One app, by means of a Bluetooth connection, allows you to create and share advice and milk- or coffee-based recipes with other Eagle One owners.
What’s more, the app enables coffee shop chains to create a network of machines and to quickly change the settings. The operation is easy and is carried out on a smartphone, without interrupting baristas in their work.

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