Your E1 Prima experience, improved.

Your E1 Prima experience, improved.

Discover the new app

Control, create recipes and take care of your machine. All about the Victoria Arduino E1 Prima app.

With completely renewed graphics and browsing experience, the new E1 Prima family app is now available on App Store and Google Play. The application allows you to connect with one of the models of the E1 Prima and E1 Prima EXP family and therefore experience different browsing experiences in relation to the E1 Prima you have chosen. The app enables you to optimize the performance and manage the settings of the espresso machine. You can set the temperature, the dose and the extraction time as well as program steam and hot water, check the performance of the machine, set energy saving and weekly planning. All the functions of a professional machine at your fingertips with a simple and intuitive app.

Through the app you can also create your own recipes based on espresso, milk and PureBrew as well as define your own espresso card and share them directly on the app or on other applications like WhatsApp. The advantage of having an espresso machine from the E1 Prima family is that you can create a great many drinks based on coffee, milk, tea and botanicals, but also create innovative cocktails and mocktails. The app is also a tool for sharing recipes: in the ‘Cloud recipe’ section you can share your recipes, but you can also set those proposed by your roastery or your reference barista on your E1 Prima, or those suggested by the big names in coffee in the Master Recipes section. In the MyVA section you can create your recipes offline with the possibility to share them in the « community recipes » cloud. You can also save all your favourite content and have it at your fingertips in the « My Favourites » section.

Whereas, browsing in the VA World section gives you access to a preview of all the news and exclusive content from Victoria Arduino: video tutorials, recipes created by champions, events and advance news along with much more.

With the Victoria Arduino E1 Prima app you will have a tool that shortens distances and makes you feel close to the entire coffee community.

Download the Victoria Arduino E1 Prima app now on App Store and Google Play.

Paris Café Festival. Live the PureBrew Experience with Victoria Arduino

Paris Café Festival. Live the PureBrew Experience with Victoria Arduino

From 9 to 11 March, Victoria Arduino will be at the Paris Café Festival at stand S35 to offer roasters and baristas the best innovations for coffee extraction and grinding and to discover the live experience of PureBrewCoffee

The stylized eagle, symbol of the brand that has brought together the needs of every age and transformed them into technologies, materials and experiences, awaits you for a series of events for baristas and special sessions for roasters at stand S35:

  • Saturday, 9 March, 4:00 pm: Pure Brew Happy Hour with Victor Delpierre, 2013 World Coffee In Good Spirit Champion. Victor Delpierre will show how PureBrew technology can expand a cocktail menu with innovative and healthy ingredients, responding to the needs of the new generation of consumers.
  • On Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 March, roasters will be able to test all the advantages and new business opportunities offered by the new PureBrew+ and PureBrew technology directly with their coffee at stand S35.

What is PureBrew?

PureBrew is a new method of extracting coffee without pressure from a traditional machine. This technology, combined with a new patented double mesh conical filter, makes it possible to serve PureBrewCoffee, a filtered coffee and therefore a new way to savour and enjoy the coffee experience in a simple and fast way.

From the espresso machine (Black Eagle Maverick, E1 Prima EXP and E1 Prima PRO) you can quickly switch from espresso to PureBrew mode. This allows baristas with limited experience to immediately offer a high-quality product, while more experienced baristas can define the ideal settings to extract the best flavours from one or more coffees. The genius of PureBrew is that it creates new and innovative ways to encourage customers to venture outside their comfort zone and try new extraction methods and new coffees.

Be inspired by PureBrew and discover new opportunities to grow your business.

PureBrew technology was also created to inspire new possibilities and opportunities to grow your business and to enjoy new Pure Brew experiences. Just like Coffee mixology, a refined practice that aims to recreate an intimate and all-encompassing tasting experience, capable of involving all the senses. Thanks to PureBrew, high quality coffee and tea now feature in the list of raw materials used by bartenders, offering the art of mixology to continue to experiment and grow. Mixology represents for the world of drinks what gourmet cuisine represents for food. But above all, it is a great business opportunity that Victoria Arduino intends to present to its partners and to coffee lovers.

This is how Victoria Arduino is inspired by the passion of all those who love coffee and are committed every day to offering a unique sensory experience.

Discover the Pure Brew at the London Coffee Festival

London Coffee Festival (March 31st – April 3rd) – Booth G17, these are the coordinates to discover the Black Eagle Maverick, our intelligent, sustainable, user-friendly machine.

A must-see novelty of this year’s London Coffee Festival is our Pure Brew equipped on our Black Eagle Maverick. This novel drink combines our Pure Brew Technology, an innovative extraction method applied on espresso and low-pressure extraction, and our patented Victoria Arduino specially designed, conical basket with a double micro-thin filter. The Pure Brew coffee kicks off with an intense aroma that catches the essence of the coffee, while the cup profile highlights the distinct flavor notes and a full body (find out more on our YouTube channel: PURE BREW VIDEOS)

With Black Eagle Maverick, Victoria Arduino wanted to provide the barista a machine with total domination over the temperature, the brew, the steam and allow them to shift instantly between different types of coffee.

The new Mythos coffee grinder will also be present at booth G17, where the client can discover its enhanced characteristics, making it one of the best products in terms of user experience, grinding control, and design. Today Mythos is defined by a world of details but with its unique design and the same passion and strong value, it shares its grinding perfection with baristas, roasters, and coffee chains worldwide.

The Eagle One will also come back to London, the metropolitan city that inspired the coffee machine’s creation—designed to respond to the needs of the new generation coffee shops, the fabulous machine has the three winning aspects needed to provide a memorable coffee experience: design, high performance, and sustainability. Eagle One is the machine for baristas that demand compact equipment, easy to use but at the same time able to make a superb high-quality cup of coffee, maintaining energy consumption at a low. Gail’s, a bakery chain, chose Eagle One for its shops in London. They bake bread, sweets, and fresh cakes daily and serve a great specialty coffee brewed by the Eagle One. It is an excellent coffee stopover in London’s city center. On Saturday and Sunday, Gail’s will be at the Victoria Arduino stand to offer passing clients their specialty coffee extracted with the magnificent Eagle One coffee machine.

BLACK EAGLE MAVERICK, innovation inspires genius

Perhaps the most startling innovation is that it allows the barista to switch from espresso to Pure Brew coffee at the touch of a button, that’s genius, but only scratching the surface. Putting it another way, if the Black Eagle VA388 changed the way Barista’s work, the Black Eagle Maverick changes the way they think.

To get the Black Eagle Maverick off the page, we had to go right back to basics, at the birthplace of a concept. Inspired by a collision of technological innovation and the maverick’s refusal to conform to accepted practice, Black Eagle’s Maverick has transformed the way we think about making coffee.

We had to come up with new technology. The Black Eagle Maverick couldn’t just be beautiful to look at, with its sleek profile and new Group head display, it needed to be clever within too. When we came up with our T3 Genius and PureBrew technology, the former developed to provide the barista with absolute control over the bean, the latter a revolutionary, extraction method to release the purest flavour from the brew and to offer the Pure Brew Coffee a totally new filtered coffee, we knew we were on to a winner.

In addition to beauty and intelligence, we also wanted our new Black Eagle Maverick creation to be both sustainable and powerful. The Black Eagle Maverick uses 37% less energy than the previous model, for example, yet the wand produces 2.1 bar of dry, high-quality steam. We used fewer, more sustainable materials in the construction of the Black Eagle Maverick and our game-changing creation literally recycles its own energy. That’s got to be better for the planet and better for your business, all for a considerably better cup of perfectly delicious coffee.

“I use a coffee machine as a tool to deliver potential out of the bean. The Black Eagle Maverick offers me the flexibility to bring out the best”
Mikael Jasin: 2019 & 2020 Indonesia Barista Champion.