Paris Café Festival. Live the PureBrew Experience with Victoria Arduino

Paris Café Festival. Live the PureBrew Experience with Victoria Arduino

From 9 to 11 March, Victoria Arduino will be at the Paris Café Festival at stand S35 to offer roasters and baristas the best innovations for coffee extraction and grinding and to discover the live experience of PureBrewCoffee

The stylized eagle, symbol of the brand that has brought together the needs of every age and transformed them into technologies, materials and experiences, awaits you for a series of events for baristas and special sessions for roasters at stand S35:

  • Saturday, 9 March, 4:00 pm: Pure Brew Happy Hour with Victor Delpierre, 2013 World Coffee In Good Spirit Champion. Victor Delpierre will show how PureBrew technology can expand a cocktail menu with innovative and healthy ingredients, responding to the needs of the new generation of consumers.
  • On Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 March, roasters will be able to test all the advantages and new business opportunities offered by the new PureBrew+ and PureBrew technology directly with their coffee at stand S35.

What is PureBrew?

PureBrew is a new method of extracting coffee without pressure from a traditional machine. This technology, combined with a new patented double mesh conical filter, makes it possible to serve PureBrewCoffee, a filtered coffee and therefore a new way to savour and enjoy the coffee experience in a simple and fast way.

From the espresso machine (Black Eagle Maverick, E1 Prima EXP and E1 Prima PRO) you can quickly switch from espresso to PureBrew mode. This allows baristas with limited experience to immediately offer a high-quality product, while more experienced baristas can define the ideal settings to extract the best flavours from one or more coffees. The genius of PureBrew is that it creates new and innovative ways to encourage customers to venture outside their comfort zone and try new extraction methods and new coffees.

Be inspired by PureBrew and discover new opportunities to grow your business.

PureBrew technology was also created to inspire new possibilities and opportunities to grow your business and to enjoy new Pure Brew experiences. Just like Coffee mixology, a refined practice that aims to recreate an intimate and all-encompassing tasting experience, capable of involving all the senses. Thanks to PureBrew, high quality coffee and tea now feature in the list of raw materials used by bartenders, offering the art of mixology to continue to experiment and grow. Mixology represents for the world of drinks what gourmet cuisine represents for food. But above all, it is a great business opportunity that Victoria Arduino intends to present to its partners and to coffee lovers.

This is how Victoria Arduino is inspired by the passion of all those who love coffee and are committed every day to offering a unique sensory experience.