Coffee shops and specialty coffee: always closer and accessible to everyone

The mission is in the name: The Good Coffee Society, a new coffee shop in a high-end Vienna neighborhood that confides to the design and technology of the Black Eagle.

There is a new coffee shop in Vienna‘s city center. Thanks to its name, it is easy to find on review apps and, importantly, is equipped with a Black Eagle that brews multiple coffees of many different micro-roaster.

If you are in Mariahilf, the 6th district of Vienna, and search « good coffee » on the internet or apps, the first result shown will be « The Good Coffee Society », a small coffee shop owned by Riccardo Grigoletto and his partner Daniel Kornfeld. « At 19 years old, I didn’t know what to do in my life, so I flew to Australia, and my biggest luck was learning about the specialty coffee culture, and that changed my life » – tells us Riccardo Grigoletto. « In Australia, I got familiar with the specialty coffee spirit and realized the importance of creating a strong client relationship, but I wanted more. When I returned to Italy, I started to work in Goppion and was chosen to participate in the Youth Academy (contest of the Coffee Knowledge Hub platform dedicated to young coffee lovers under 30 to offer them scholarships to access the coffee Skills Programs SCA freely). This last experience was illuminating for me: It deepened my coffee knowledge, and I matured increased awareness and therefore gave me the right motivation to take the grand leap« .

The name chosen for the coffee shop reflects Riccardo’s personal experience. « In our case, the name came up before the shop’s opening. We studied it together with a young designer team of the University Politecnico of Milan. We desired a name that evoked quality coffee and, at the same time, a community of people. That’s how The Good Coffee Society was born! »

Riccardo brought all his experience of the different Australian specialty shops and all the gained knowledge of the Youth Academy in his coffee shop. « In my shop, the client is walked through his tastes to understand the best coffee we can offer. We then accompany them through a continuous growth process via coffee tasting by small roasters produce and a series of events aimed to expand coffee knowledge. »

A regular clientele, many coffee lovers, and especially tourists that are passing through, wanting to reach Mariahilfer Strasse, the main shopping Ave, which is a short walk away – this is The Good Coffee Society‘s mindset. The shop is a bit more than 30 square meters large, and a lot of the furniture was made directly by the owners; and despite the space, Riccardo and Daniel regularly organize cupping sessions, inviting roasters and keeping their client trustworthy relationships . « Mariahilfer district is cosmopolite, funky, and very chic, so it is essential to offer our coffee lovers many different experiences, which they appreciate very much. From this point, the equipment used is fundamental: in my line of work, I used many coffee machines, but the experience, the management, and the extraction that the Black Eagle offers me is a great value added to the package.

I saw the machine working during the World Barista Championship and tried it out during my period at the Youth Academy. That’s when I knew that it was right for my coffee shop. My choice was not only about the technical features. Since our coffee shop is located in a high-end, dynamic, and open-minded neighborhood, the design of the machine is a helping hand, and in fact, the shape and forms of our Black Eagle contribute to our growth ».