Eagle One integrates VIS – Virtual Intelligent Scale

Eagle One integrates VIS – Virtual Intelligent Scale

Eagle One integrates VIS – Virtual Intelligent Scale

Victoria Arduino, one of the global brand leaders in the professional coffee machine and grinder segment, is enhancing the Eagle One experience with VIS – Virtual Intelligent Scale. VIS is a virtual scale based on an artificial intelligence algorithm that favours even faster workflow than the previous version of Eagle One and dose monitoring for every shot.   

VIS is exclusive Victoria Arduino technology that was developed to digitally estimate the right dose in the cup using an algorithm calculation. On the display, just set the desired weight in grams and VIS automatically monitors the flow to obtain the right dose in the cup. 

Discover it now: www.youtube.com/watch/VIS

Eagle One is the professional coffee machine created to respond to the needs of coffee shops, whose design, performance and sustainability provide a memorable experience to customers. Now, with VIS, it still keeps true to its word by becoming an even smarter and higher-performance system. Programming is simple and fast. Just specify the desired weight in the cup and start the extraction. 

The great innovation that VIS brings to Eagle One lies in its digital system for constant monitoring of every dose. VIS is not only innovative and extremely easy to use, besides reducing waste, VIS works in the coffee machine without the need for additional components, and therefore it in no way affects Eagle One’s minimal, contemporary and sustainable design. 

With VIS, the Virtual Intelligent Scale, Eagle One continues to guarantee the perfect balance between design, innovation and sustainability to be able to offer a memorable sensorial experience to both baristas and customers. 

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