Unleash your personality with the contest « I Am One Victoria Arduino « 

Are you a coffee shop owner or wish to open one? Unleash your personality with the “I Am One Victoria Arduino” contest. Every coffee shop has its unique style and characteristics, but the details make the difference, boosting the baristas’ value and the shop itself.

This trend pushed Victoria Arduino to create Eagle One, the extremely versatile and customizable coffee machine. You can adapt it to different environments, from the more classical tones to the more glamourous and pop style looks. The #IAmOneVictoriaArduino contest aims to escalate baristas’ personalities and the different types of coffee shops that choose the Eagle One.

Participating in the contest is extremely easy: if you have already customized your Eagle One, take a picture of your shop. If you are planning to open a shop and you want to design your coffee machine, you can download Eagle Onee’s back panel and personalize it. Along with the picture, tell us your story about using the machine and why you decided to customize it that particular way. Remember that Eagle One was designed to be versatile and mix and match different materials such as wood, steel, resin, aluminum, and soft-touch materials. You must then post the photos and share you Instagram feed and stories by 3 p.m. CET on May 5th, 2022, tagging @victoriaarduinoofficial and using hashtag #IAmOneVictoriaArduino. The post with the most likes will win the contest and receive two tickets for the World of Coffee and a Victoria Arduino gadget kit (backpack, coffee and cappuccino mugs, Eagle One t-shirt and patches).

All the details are available in the regulations here.