World of Coffee Copenhagen: coffee community and unique expereriences.

Three intense days filled with stimulating and interesting encounters with current and potential partners, as well as the global coffee community. We would like to thank everyone who visited our stand and who wanted to discover and experience all the latest from Victoria Arduino.


One of the stand’s novelties that attracted particular interest was the PureBrew+, which extracted Pure Brew Coffee using coffees from some of the world’s best and most award-winning green coffee producers. Café Granja La Esperanza, Lost Origin, Los Pirineos, Los Nogales and Lohas Beans showed us how different the flavour profiles of specialty and competitive coffees have become. Their coffees have enriched the taste experience, allowing us to explore PureBrewCoffee, the new filter coffee that can be extracted with the patented Pure Brew technology. Discover PureBrew+


During WOC, visitors to the stand were able to try and test the other novelty, the E1 Prima PRO, the Victoria Arduino single group dedicated to the professional world, and all the advantages of PBTech and VIS (Virtual Intelligent Scale) which respectively to bring to your cup of espresso the best balance of flavour and texture and to guarantee a precise and consistent dose. Discover E1 Prima PRO.


The Eagle One Copenhagen Special Edition, made with a sustainable and biodegradable natural fibre, showed how the coffee machine is a true design object, as well as being technologically advanced and sustainable. New textures, materials and colours can now be ordered to customize the back panel of the Eagle One to follow the latest design trends and adapt the espresso machine to exclusive settings. Visit the design section of the website.


Black Eagle MaverickVictoria Arduino’s most performing espresso machine, offered tastings of different specialty coffees proposed by important roasters such as Kalve, Good Life, Standout, Gemini and La Cabra. The espresso extraction technologies offered by Black Eagle Maverick (such as T3 Genius and PBtech) gave partners the chance to adapt the extraction profiles and the setting of the main parameters to each use in order to personalize the extraction according to the coffee type and the roasting. Discover Black Eagle Maverick.


Eagle Tempo presented the new Easycream. The new system guarantees a high-quality milk frothing that is extremely simple and fast, also offering the possibility of having up to 9 preset milk recipes to quickly prepare many milk-based or plant-based drinks. Discover Eagle Tempo.


A constant stream of people, meetings, tastings and sensory experiences at the Roaster Village South, where roasters offered their coffees prepared by E1 Prima EXP, the Victoria Arduino single-group machine designed to offer a high-quality Victoria Arduino coffee experience even for small businesses and prosumers. Discover E1 Prima EXP.

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