Enjoy the Pure Brew Tea experience at Caffè Culture Show

Victoria Arduino is proud to present the Skills Hub at Caffè Culture Show, the event for the café and coffee bar market, due to take place on September 1-2 in London.

At the Victoria Arduino stand, baristas and roasters can experience The Skills Hub, four different coffee stations demonstrating how to improve workflow, increase productivity and achieve operational efficiency.

During the two days at Caffè Culture Show, the Victoria Arduino stand will offer an all-around beverage experience including tea, coffee, milk and plant-based drinks. A Victoria Arduino stand area will present the PureBrewCoffee and grinding experience with Black Eagle Maverick and Mythos. E1 Prima along with Youth Academy students will be the focus of an educational experience. In the sustainability area, visitors can experience new technologies such as NEO and TERS which offer great performance while reducing energy consumption and CO2 emissions. A Victoria Arduino special station will be dedicated to tea using Pure Brew Technology with the collaboration of Kai Ellerbrock, owner of the TEAHOUSE EXCLUSIVES brand which offers a comprehensive range of quality teas from all around the world. A tale scopo, gli esperti di tè di Teahouse Exclusives hanno lanciato la linea di prodotti Baristateas, i cui tagli e varietà di tè sono stati espressamente sviluppati per questa innovazione tecnologica. Sei delle varietà selezionate sono disponibili nel primo lancio.

Pure Brew Technology is a revolutionary method of espresso extraction and gravity pressure coffee extraction using a Victoria Arduino patented portafilter with a conical double-mesh filter that can create PureBrew, a totally new filtered coffee extraction that is more syrupy and full-bodied. For the first time ever, Victoria Arduino has chosen Caffè Culture Show, to present a preview of Pure Brew applied to tea as new extension of the technology to different types of extraction. PureBrewTea is a revolutionary method of tea extraction from an espresso coffee machine.

Discover Pure Brew Tea

Victoria Arduino R&D engineers made a comparison between PureBrew and the traditional way of pouring tea, in a collaboration with a team of tea experts to test a variety of teas, according to different roasting levels of light, medium and dark recipes.

For the test, they used green tea, oolong tea and black tea in 4 different grades: dust, fannings, broken leaf and whole leaf. During the tests, they used a light recipe as a fixed parameter because it is very similar to traditional tea infusion and represents a good standard practice for understanding different teas.

“We used 4g of tea leaves to produce 300ml of tea. The same quantity of tea that would be the standard in a commercial café environment.” – said Lauro Fioretti, Product Manager at Simonelli Group.

“We found the clarity and taste of the traditional method of pouring tea and PureBrew to be very similar. Each test produced exactly the profiles you would expect from green tea, oolong tea, and black tea. We found there was no cross contamination of coffee flavours on the filter or group head after rinsing under the hot water wand.”

As of September, Victoria Arduino will be member of the European Speciality Tea Association. The new Pure Brew Technology is totally in line with the mission of the European Speciality Tea Association, creating and inspiring excellence in the speciality tea community through innovation, research, education and communication.

See you at Caffè Culture Show on September 1-2 to live the Victoria Arduino experience!