Experience Victoria Arduino at SCA Expo

New products, new customizations, and new tasting experiences. Victoria Arduino awaits you at SCA Expo in stand 1630.

Victoria Arduino, a leading Italian manufacturer of professional espresso machines with its distinctive design and high performance, awaits you at SCA Expo in stand 1630 to present to chains, roasters, baristas and coffee lovers new solution capable of opening up new business possibilities.

Black Eagle Maverick, the most powerful Victoria Arduino espresso coffee machine, offers complete domination over the temperature, the brew, the steam. T3 Genius, the evolution of T3 technology, offers the same precision and control by using 37% less energy. T3 Genius technology has been developed to provide the barista with absolute control over their brew by providing them with the tools to allow for meticulous precision, resulting in outstanding performance and unrivalled efficiency.

Eagle Tempo, Mythos MyOne and PureBrew+. At SCA Expo Victoria Arduino will show a new coffee concept combining innovation and design. From the customer’s point of view, it looks like a normal configuration with a machine and two grinders, but from the operator’s point of view, it is a real coffee station, consisting of Eagle Tempo, Mythos MyOne grinder and PureBrew+, the new machine that can easily and quickly prepare PureBrew Coffee, a unique filtered coffee.

Among the products on display are also the new addition to the E1 Prima family: E1 Prima EXP. E1 Prima EXP unleashes creativity and enhances every ingredient, creating countless recipes based on espresso, Pure Brew and milk thanks to high-performance technologies that are extremely easy to use. For this reason, it is dedicated to the curious, the explorers, the lovers of beauty, to all those who inhabit every territory of taste and dream of tomorrow’s trends today.

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