MyOne: the new arrival in the Mythos Family

The Mythos family has grown to create a complete system of grinding excellence and perfection. Along with the four currently available versions – MY75, MYG75, MY85, MYG85 – there is now a new base version: MYONE.

MYONE, has the same accessibility, precision and design of the Mythos range, and it has a characteristic reduced display which is easy to use and always able to guarantee the precision of Mythos.

The range of Mythos grinders has been extended to enable as many baristas, roasters and chains as possible to enjoy its performance, by choosing the most suitable model for their own productivity needs and required features.

In 2013, when it was first launched onto the market, Mythos was quick to establish itself with its iconic design, high quality standards and waste reduction. Today, Mythos, strengthened with Victoria Arduino values, reconfirms itself as the grinder that can once again reach grinding perfection with important improvements in user experience, grinding control and design. Its characteristics are completed with ease of maintenance and accessibility.

Mythos has created a real system of grinding excellence and perfection thanks to 5 different versions, all rigorously with the same design and the same iconic lines. The Mythos ecosystem is present in the 75mm (MY75) and 85mm (MY85) versions with the option to integrate gravimetric technology (MYG75 and MYG85) and MyOne with 75mm burrs and a TFT display with capacity keys.

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