World of Coffee is coming! This year we invited some of the best roasters in the industry to explore and serve incredible unique coffees from our VA388 coffee machine. Röststätte, Nordbeans, Kalve, Kaffa, Hard beans, Doubleshot, Connect coffee, 5elephant will present to you their specialty coffee at booth #B31. While enjoying coffee from one of our guests, be sure to join the “Taste your temperature” contest. Test out the superb T3 technology, that allows the barista to set three temperatures: one for the brewing, one for the water infusion and one for the steam. You can experiment with the temperature and extract the best flavors from each coffee blend. Come join us at the booth B31 to enjoy these moments together! It will be days full of discussions, networking and high-quality coffee! We wish you a very happy coffee experience. See you soon in Berlin!