Three types of burr treatments are available to help improve the grinding quality, performance, and the life span of your grinder.

Not every burr is the same. The design and the composition of the material, for example, can considerably influence the grinding process. It is fundamental to know how to choose original burrs to guarantee consistent quality, efficiency, and endurance. Below we explain the reason why.

Choosing the correct burrs

The design drafting of the burrs is a complex operation that must follow requisite rules: the grinding principle, the type of engine installed, the material used, the coating treatment, the burr diameter, and the desired production rate.
Burrs with the same diameter and engine speed can differ in hourly productivity from one another by modifying the number of dents, the cutting edge, the coffee passage, and the tangent angle. Different designs correspond to varying speeds of the outbound coffee, different types of cuts, and morphology of the grounded coffee bean, other than the many grinding temperatures. During the project planning, the wear rate is also calculated on different parts of the burr to make it uniform.

Even the simplest and smallest variation of one of the above factors can completely alter the type of burr. So to guarantee the quality, safety, efficiency, and durability of the grinder, it is essential to use official spare parts and products.

Nanotech, Titanium and Red Speed: The Victoria Arduino burrs for the different needs of coffee shops

To widen the response to the distinctive needs requested by coffee shops, Victoria Arduino proposes three types of burrs to help reach the set goal. The range consists of the Nanotech treated burrs along with the special-coated burrs that increase life span like Titanium and Red Speed. In this article, we discover the different types of burrs Victoria Arduino has on the market.

It is quite noticeable because of its visible characteristic, iridescence. The Nanotech burr is explicitly treated on its surface through nanotechnology that gives the material an anti-striking and antibacterial quality, reducing any possible coffee residues. The nanometric system fills the porosity of the material used, smoothing out the surface, reducing friction and the potential overheating of the burrs. The result is a higher quality of coffee, cleaner burrs, and less waste. Recommendation: for those who request cleaning simplicity and antibacterial treatment.

On the other hand, Titanium and Red Speed burrs, always in stainless steel, are coated with a particular element that raises the grinder’s durability. They guarantee different levels of friction protection, therefore, less overheating and more endurance and resistance. The result is a consistent grinding and long-life burrs.
Recommendation: for those who request a durable burr.