Victoria Arduino extends its PRIMA range with a new model. E1 PRIMA EXP is the 1-group professional machine that can also prepare PureBrew.

Victoria Arduino extends its PRIMA range with a new model. E1 PRIMA EXP is the 1-group professional machine that can also prepare PureBrew.

Victoria Arduino, one of the global brand leaders for professional coffee machines and grinders, is extending its E1 Prima range with E1 Prima EXP. The new single group from Victoria Arduino is being added to the model that was launched in 2020 and offers the extra feature of being able to extract PureBrew.

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E1 Prima EXP was created for people who today imagine the tastes of tomorrow. The versatility and compactness of the single group crosses paths with the technology of a professional machine. Here, we see all the expertise of Victoria Arduino and ease-of-use for espresso, milk, Pure Brew Coffee, through to taste experimentation, and right up to the limits of the most innovative mixology. E1 Prima EXP is the machine that changes the rules and stretches the boundaries.

Victoria Arduino has created E1 Prima EXP thinking of those who live in the present whilst creating the future. They’re the curious ones, the explorers the lovers of beauty. They’re the ones that inhabit every land of taste, the ones that dream today about the trends of tomorrow. Settings where total quality is the essence of every lifestyle experience expand and exchange influences to generate new opportunities for product enjoyment. From the roasteries and coffee shops who have spread the culture of quality coffee, the experience of quality drinks is growing into a landscape of constantly renewing coffee and non-coffee-oriented environments.

E1 Prima EXP leads the way at those precious times where design meets the intensity of every emotion.

Performance and design

Experimentation has no place for limits. The pioneers of taste dream today about the recipes and ingredients of tomorrow. E1 Prima EXP liberates creativity and exalts every ingredient, to create so many recipes and cocktails based on espresso, Pure Brew and milk using high-performance and extremely user-friendly technology.

The extraction excellence of every Victoria Arduino machine comes hand-in-hand with the rule-breaking soul of E1 Prima EXP, to bring the purity and intensity of PureBrew to every setting and to enable experimentation of every ingredient, every preparation and every specialty. Just replace the espresso portafilter with the PureBrew filter and change the extraction mode to enjoy so many different recipes whenever you want and investigate all the potential of every coffee.

PureBrew is a new method of coffee extraction without the pressure of a traditional machine. This technology, combined with a new patented dual wall conical filter, makes it possible to offer a new way of experiencing and tasting coffee, simply and quickly. From the espresso coffee machine and from the app you can pass quickly from espresso to PureBrew mode. Baristas with limited experience can immediately offer an excellent quality filter coffee (Pure Brew), whilst those who are more experienced can set the machine to extract the best flavours for one or more coffees.
The brilliant aspect of PureBrew is being able to create new and innovative ways of accompanying customers to take a step outside their comfort zone and try different extraction methods and new coffees. One of the potentials that Pure Brew offers is also to provide the inspiration and opportunity to grow your business.  Just like Coffee mixology, a refined practice that aims to recreate an intimate and all-embracing tasting experience, that can involve all the senses. With PureBrew, high quality coffee and tea become basic ingredients used by baristas, offering the art of mixology new openings to continue experimenting and grow.

E1 Prima EXP also incorporates NEO (New Engine Optimization) technology that represents an innovative approach to water heating for coffee extraction with reduced energy consumption.

NEO exploits instantaneous warming technology that requires smaller volumes of water and therefore smaller boilers, as it only heats the water that is needed. Thanks to this technology, PRIMA can heat water quickly, guarantee high performance and still increase energy efficiency. The dimensions of the boilers are significantly reduced and they are coated in an insulating material that prevents energy loss. E1 Prima EXP is therefore ready to prepare coffee, PureBrew and cappuccinos in just 8 minutes.

With the compact boilers, in stainless steel and insulated, Victoria Arduino has obtained higher pressures that enable high production of dry steam with a power/speed ratio that is much, much higher as well as superior quality. Steam-by-Wire steam, unlike other machines in the same category, is electronically controlled by ergonomically designed levers making them easy to use.

Digital and sustainable

E1 Prima EXP was created to reward those who appreciate its digital immediacy, its attention for the environment and its iconic design and contemporary lines.

Settings, use and programming, all in one app. The Victoria Arduino E1 Prima app  doubles its functions. Just connect the app to the coffee machine and the system immediately recognises the model being used (E1 Prima or E1 Prima EXP), to offer a navigating experience and uniquely easy recipe setting. From the app, you can set temperature and espresso or PureBrew extraction times, programme steam and hot water, check the performance of the machine, check cleaning settings and set energy saving. All the functions of a professional coffee machine at your fingertips with a simple and intuitive app.
Also, with the app, it is possible to create your own recipes, share them or set onto the machine the ones offered by your own trusted roastery or by your barista. The app can become a tool for sharing recipes in the ‘Cloud Recipe’ section of the Victoria Arduino App.

Among the features of E1 Prima family there are also its reduced dimensions and the choice of materials with high thermal efficiency. The design, the applied technologies (such as NEO, ed) and the insulation of the components, everything contributes to cutting environmental impact, which make E1 Prima EXP an authentically sustainable machine.

Minimal, made in Italy, refined: E1 Prima EXP stands out not only for its exceptionally pure and simple lines, but also because it adapts perfectly to different atmospheres and settings. The design, combined with technological innovation, had a strong impact on the forms and the organisation of the internal components. The new colours, sparkling coral, blue pearl, roman coin, metallic lavender, along with black matt, white matt and stainless steel are capable of making E1 Prima EXP so flexible and adaptable in every setting, for a superior visual and taste experience.