How to align Mythos 2 to an external scale?

The calibration is an essential operation as it aligns the weight of the dispensed doses from the Mythos 2 grinder with an external scale. So, how to correctly calibrate a Mythos 2?

To help support this crucial procedure, Victoria Arduino, together with VA Machinery, the UK branch of the brand, created a simple video tutorial to illustrate all the necessary operations to guarantee an exclusive coffee experience.

The calibration procedure comprehends the dispensing of one dose that is then weighed on an external scale. The weight may vary by a tenth of a gram, and in this case, the barista can reduce or increase the dose based on the variation. This way, they can verify if the weight is constant both in the grinder and on the external scale.

The video guides the barista in all the operations: from the speed regulation and grinding temperature, including the ramp, to the Clima Pro 2.0 configuration and the weight settings. We will also present many useful tips and recommendations to offer a pleasant experience during the calibration and settings phases. Ultimately, we can’t wait to try out your coffee!