Your E1 Prima experience, improved.

Discover the new app

Control, create recipes and take care of your machine. All about the Victoria Arduino E1 Prima app.

With completely renewed graphics and browsing experience, the new E1 Prima family app is now available on App Store and Google Play. The application allows you to connect with one of the models of the E1 Prima and E1 Prima EXP family and therefore experience different browsing experiences in relation to the E1 Prima you have chosen. The app enables you to optimize the performance and manage the settings of the espresso machine. You can set the temperature, the dose and the extraction time as well as program steam and hot water, check the performance of the machine, set energy saving and weekly planning. All the functions of a professional machine at your fingertips with a simple and intuitive app.

Through the app you can also create your own recipes based on espresso, milk and PureBrew as well as define your own espresso card and share them directly on the app or on other applications like WhatsApp. The advantage of having an espresso machine from the E1 Prima family is that you can create a great many drinks based on coffee, milk, tea and botanicals, but also create innovative cocktails and mocktails. The app is also a tool for sharing recipes: in the ‘Cloud recipe’ section you can share your recipes, but you can also set those proposed by your roastery or your reference barista on your E1 Prima, or those suggested by the big names in coffee in the Master Recipes section. In the MyVA section you can create your recipes offline with the possibility to share them in the “community recipes” cloud. You can also save all your favourite content and have it at your fingertips in the “My Favourites” section.

Whereas, browsing in the VA World section gives you access to a preview of all the news and exclusive content from Victoria Arduino: video tutorials, recipes created by champions, events and advance news along with much more.

With the Victoria Arduino E1 Prima app you will have a tool that shortens distances and makes you feel close to the entire coffee community.

Download the Victoria Arduino E1 Prima app now on App Store and Google Play.