Over the next three years Victoria Arduino will continue to support the best baristas in the world with Mythos, the official grinder of the World Barista Championship. Victoria Arduino continues its long collaboration with World Coffee Events, sharing the goal of promoting high quality coffee.


“I am proud to confirm our sponsorship for the most prestigious competition in the world, the WBC – said Fabio Ceccarani, CEO of Simonelli Group (owner of Victoria Arduino brand). “Being a WBC partner ensures Victoria Arduino the possibility to remain close to the front end of the coffee supply chain, understanding insights and driving Simonelli Group’s technological innovation toward supporting the SCA and the coffee community as best as we can. We’d like to congratulate all the sponsors who, together with Simonelli Group and Victoria Arduino, will have an active role in the next cycle of WBC competitions.”

The relationship with the WCE has been built and strengthened over the years, not as a simple evolution, but as a real revolution, a change in the standards for the coffee world and in the quality of the world’s most significant coffee event. WBC sponsor since 2009, Simonelli Group introduced important technologies allowing baristas to have greater control over the extraction. “After the great collaboration we had with the WBC through our coffee machines – continues Ceccarani – now we would like to enrich our experience by providing the competition our grinders Mythos, today undisputed and well-known leading products in the specialty grinding worldwide”.

During the next years, the strategic programs of Simonelli Group and SCA will see the company more and more involved in different initiatives in the field of Education, Research, Retail, Sustainability, alongside with competitions. “We will provide our technolgical know-how and our coffee culture, as well as our long experience in the competitions’ world, to contribute to the success of all SCA initiatives”, Ceccarani said.

Today Simonelli Group starts a new chapter of its collaboration with SCA and WCE. With Mythos, the company will bring all its grinding expertise to raise quality standards and contribute to the growth and promotion of quality coffee, once again.


Read the full article by SCA: “Announcing the 2022-2025 World Barista Championship Qualified Sponsors”


A new Victoria Arduino Experience Lab in Barcelona

Victoria Arduino strengthens its presence in the Iberian Peninsular with the partnership with VANS IBERICA, the new official distributor for Spain and Portugal

The official opening is confirmed for this Friday at 5:00 pm when the new VICTORIA ARDUINO Experience lab in Barcelona will be inaugurated, and the Black Eagle Maverick and Mythos will be officially presented. Poblenou simmers creativity, design, and technology and is the right neighborhood to live the whole experience of Victoria Arduino with the support of passionate and experienced employees. It is a niche in one of Barcelona’s cool and expanding neighborhoods.

Victoria Arduino strengthens its presence in Spain and Portugal with a new partnership with VANS IBERICA SL. From October, this company has been the new official distributor of the Victoria Arduino brand for the Iberian Peninsula. A partnership that aims at strengthening the presence and notoriety of the Victoria Arduino brand.

In the new Experience Lab based in Barcelona, it will be possible to be even closer to the needs of coffee shops and the latest trends of a constantly evolving sector. “At this particular time, it is essential to support local markets, making available to the industry, baristas, roasters, and specialty chains a sales and technical structure along with solutions based on cutting-edge technology and our consolidated coffee knowledge,” said Fabio Ceccarani, CEO of Simonelli Group.

The investment in the Iberian Peninsula by Simonelli Group results from the collaboration with a new partner, such as VANS IBERICA SL.

With Simonelli Group, we defined three action areas for the market development that comprehend a dedicated sales and technical structure, a specific area for coffee culture knowledge with the support of platforms, digital and not, and the creation of a certified technical assistance network.- declared Diego Martinez, owner of VANS Iberica SL. “Moreover, the Barcelona Experience Lab will be a place to offer partners and clients a complete experience of the Victoria Arduino values, products, technologies, and know-how.”


Art and design in the name of coffee

Art and design in the name of coffee.
The story of a coffee-library shop becoming an art gallery.

Recicled wood panels painted by hand telling the bolivian culture, the story of coffee and the importance of connection and relationship. It’s the story of the Fundación Roca Gravato in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, an old professional school transformed by Luis Alberto Roca and Rita Gravato in a coffee shop, art gallery and library.

“When my parents decided to open in their old professional school an art gallery – Luis Pedro Roca said -, we decided to move our bookstore and coffee shop there and to combine our passion for coffee and for art. It was not the first time we caught an opportunity like that: eleven years ago our bookstore was about to close and we decided to open a coffee shop inside. It was an incredible idea, even because I felt in love with coffee and I’ve soon became a SCA certified barista, and so three years ago we started roasting coffee. We buy green coffee from bolvian producers, and we have a private machine of 5Kilos roasting our Alto Tostado specialty coffee”.

Now in the Foundation Roca Gravato visitors can taste excellent coffees, they can enjoy solo exhibit of local artists and a big gallery with real size reproductions of important pieces of art made by local artists. “It’s our committment to give the possibility to see important masterpiece to Bolivian people can’t visit international museums and to share the passion for art” – said Luis Pedro Roca.


With hundreds of visitors per days the art gallery continue is mission of sharing the passion for art and for coffee through the coffee shop brewing coffee and cappuccino with Victoria Arduino coffee machines. “The Eagle One and E1 Prima have been inspiringing machines for our 6 resident artists – told us Luis Pedro Roca. “They replicated the back panels of the machines using recycled wood and other different materials and they started to paint them. The result was really impressive so that we start selling customized Eagle One and Prima machines, a new big step ahead for our business!”

From an anthropological point of view ‘customization’ is referred to a process of cultural appropriation and creation of bespoke design, supporting people to tell their identity, their own stories and to communicate a message. “Our resident artists did it – told us Camilla Roca – and our customers are enthusiasts because in their coffee shop they can enjoy a great coffee machine and, at the same time, a unique piece of art telling the culture of our Country, or coffee origins or the committment for a sustainable growth, or what they want to communicate”.

“For me coffee is a form of art – said Betzalel Maida, one of the six resident artists – we can paint using different surfaces and different technics as a barista can brew coffee using single origins or blend and different brewing methods. The most important thing is to offer a great experience for all your senses.”

E1 Prima selected for ADI Design Index 2021

After Eagle One, E1 Prima by Victoria Arduino has been selected for ADI Design Index 2021. The Industrial Design Association made the announcement yesterday in Milan during an event at ADI Design Museum.
The ADI Design Index 2021 is a special selection, made by the Permanent Observatory of Design, that covers products and product systems in every market, theoretical and critical research and design-related processes or businesses. The ADI Design Index represents a preselection to Compasso d’Oro Award by ADI, the most prestigious industrial design award worldwide with the aim to enhance the value of italian design.


Why E1 Prima?

E1 Prima is a product representing and decoding a change in coffee consumption. Specialty products are more requested, prepared with high quality “gourmet” prime materials produced ethically and sustainably. Quality coffee is becoming a real lifestyle where people search for an exclusive coffee experience even outside the coffee shop, like food trucks, boutiques, offices, homes, and many other settings. E1 PRIMA is a versatile and eclectic coffee machine able to interpret the current trends and envision the future.

Coffee machines are not just serving tools, they also carry a real message, whose meaning expands to greater dimensions, that include an expression of the personality of the barista, roaster or coffee lover, a story, a life and tendency.

It’s very easy to customize by using different tones and natural materials like wood or technological materials like steel, resins and aluminium. That enables to express your own personality and vision through the coffee machine. E1 Prima thus becomes part of a story, a philosophy that changes with its surroundings. For his capacity to transform and create a message, the architect and ambassador of the excellence of Italian creativity in the world, Giulio Cappellini, created a special selection of “seasonal look” adding fresh new colors and textures that interpret the current trends. With many images for a unique idea of accessible glamour like a tailored dress or fashion accessory, PRIMA is available in many colours and exclusive editions.

Like in the Eagle One machine, E1 Prima by Victoria Arduino pinpointed a goal: designing a product where workflow comfort meets esthetical and functional qualities while continuing technological research and igniting innovative energy. The result is a perfect combination of esthetics and simplicity. Furthermore, it offers a sustainable design that fully considers the machine’s environmental impact in terms of economic and energy savings. NEO (New Engine Optimization) technology represents an intelligent approach of water heating and guarantees high performance while increasing energy efficiency. E1 Prima has been designed to be more compact, more performant, and more sustainable

With E1 PRIMA app barista and coffee lovers can set temperature, extraction time, steam and hot water together with the weekly programming. Moreover, the app can also create recipes, share them, or set those recipes proposed by the users’ dedicated roastery or barista. It can also become a recipe sharing device by going on the section ‘Cloud recipe’ of the Victoria Arduino app.

BLACK EAGLE MAVERICK, innovation inspires genius

Perhaps the most startling innovation is that it allows the barista to switch from espresso to Pure Brew coffee at the touch of a button, that’s genius, but only scratching the surface. Putting it another way, if the Black Eagle VA388 changed the way Barista’s work, the Black Eagle Maverick changes the way they think.

To get the Black Eagle Maverick off the page, we had to go right back to basics, at the birthplace of a concept. Inspired by a collision of technological innovation and the maverick’s refusal to conform to accepted practice, Black Eagle’s Maverick has transformed the way we think about making coffee.

We had to come up with new technology. The Black Eagle Maverick couldn’t just be beautiful to look at, with its sleek profile and new Group head display, it needed to be clever within too. When we came up with our T3 Genius and PureBrew technology, the former developed to provide the barista with absolute control over the bean, the latter a revolutionary, extraction method to release the purest flavour from the brew and to offer the Pure Brew Coffee a totally new filtered coffee, we knew we were on to a winner.

In addition to beauty and intelligence, we also wanted our new Black Eagle Maverick creation to be both sustainable and powerful. The Black Eagle Maverick uses 37% less energy than the previous model, for example, yet the wand produces 2.1 bar of dry, high-quality steam. We used fewer, more sustainable materials in the construction of the Black Eagle Maverick and our game-changing creation literally recycles its own energy. That’s got to be better for the planet and better for your business, all for a considerably better cup of perfectly delicious coffee.

“I use a coffee machine as a tool to deliver potential out of the bean. The Black Eagle Maverick offers me the flexibility to bring out the best”
Mikael Jasin: 2019 & 2020 Indonesia Barista Champion.

MYTHOS. The grinding perfection again.

The Mythos grinder has been upgraded and has increased the precision and control of the grinding to enable all baristas, roasteries and chains, that have already appreciated its performance, design and attention to sustainability, to reach a new level of perfection.

In 2013, when it was first launched onto the market, Mythos quickly established itself for its iconic design, high quality standards and waste reduction. Today, Mythos, strengthened by the values of Victoria Arduino, reaffirms itself as the grinder that is able, once again, to reach grinding perfection with significant improvements from the perspective of user experience, grind control and design.

The improvements introduced into the new Mythos all involve user experience and control over the grind, and they inspired the design. The iconic lines of Mythos embrace the integrated touchscreen display in a glass panel. The fans, with a new contemporary design, are both positioned at the rear to allow for perfect airflow inside the machine and to reduce the space on the counter when using several grinders.

With its 4 different versions, Mythos has created a full system of grinding excellence and perfection. All have rigorously the same design and the same iconic lines. The Mythos ecosystem comes in the 75mm (MY75) and 85mm (MY85) versions with the option of integrating gravimetric technology (MYG75 and MYG85).

Today, Mythos defines a world of detail, but with a unique design, and the same passion and strong values shared with the baristas, roasteries and chains throughout the world, to reach grinding perfection once again.

For the launch of Mythos, Victoria Arduino wanted to give a voice to various professionals from around the world who share the same values and the same passion, and who every day are devoted to the spread of quality coffee.  The result is a manifesto in which many different voices express passion for their work, their commitment to respecting people and the environment, attention to detail, use of technology and design to offer constantly improved results. And, lastly, working together to reach a new level of grinding perfection.


Discover MYTHOS:

Victoria Artuino at Caffè Culture Show in London

Re:connect is Victoria Arduino’s new concept for 2021 – a place to meet your favourite coffee roasters and learn about some exciting projects we have been working on.

In a world where we crave contact with others for support, wellbeing and entertainment, the challenging times we face are taking their toll. As a community, we have the power to make positive changes, adjust our mindsets and Re:connect with one another.

We look forward to welcoming you at this years Caffe Culture Show on September 2 and 3. Enjoy delicious coffee brewed on the Eagle One Prima, engage with the next generation of coffee professionals from the Youth Academy, and learn how you can further your education through the Coffee Knowledge Hub.

Be part of this change.

Register today and experience the ways in which we can Re:connect.

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ADI Design Index 2020. Eagle One on stage at the Casa dell’Architettura in Rome.

Following the exhibition at the ADI Design Museum in Milan, Eagle One flew to Rome to the Casa dell’Architettura (Architecture House) – Acquario Romano for a new exhibition showing a significant choice of products selected for the ADI Design Index, the annual review of the best Italian design.

Eagle One by Victoria Arduino has been selected for the prestigious ADI Design Index 2020 recognition. The ADI Design Index 2020 is a special selection, made by the Permanent Observatory of Design, that covers products and product systems in every market, theoretical and critical research and design-related processes or businesses.

The choice of the Roman location is very significant: the “Casa dell’Architettura” (Architecture House) is a new important cultural and exhibition institution, with the objective of promoting the Roman architectural culture and contemporary architecture in general, through national and international exhibitions, awards, conferences, meetings and initiatives.

The ADI Design Index 2020 exhibition will be open until 2 July at the Casa dell’Architettura in Rome, Piazza Manfredo Fanti 47.

Black Eagle enters the Forbidden City

Interconnections between design, technology and millennial Chinese culture.

Chinese culture and the consumption of coffee in China are rapidly growing at a rate of 30% a year (read full article). Nowadays in China, coffee-drinking has become commonplace, but its association with a high-value product has not changed and it is supported by ever-more innovative technology.

This is the case for the “Cafè by the Forbidden City”, a coffee shop that opened just over two years ago which is found in a special and inspiring place, the Museum of Shenwu Men Palace (Gate of Divine Prowess) in Beijing. For some months now, the coffee shop has been preparing drinks using a special VA388 Black Eagle in copper in a setting that allows guests to experience and appreciate Chinese culture as part of a visit to the Shenwu Men Palace.

The interior of the café contains a great deal of wooden furniture with floors in grey slate and walls that are decorated in wallpaper showing the Map of Qian Li Jiang Shan (千里 江山 图). The ceiling beams are draped in tapestries inspired by the works in the Palace Museum. The presence of a technological product that adapts to the materials and colours of the atmosphere of the surroundings thus also becomes a message of the evolution of coffee culture in China.

This is how countries and regions, faced with new challenges, with their knowledge and skills, take on a new social, cultural and productive importance, and they become interconnected. In this way, design and technology participate in the interaction between local and global in the name of coffee.