Italian design for an international experience

When the coffee machine blends with the design of the coffee shop to offer a higher visual and sensory experience.

That’s how Black Eagle Maverick  matches the colours and flavours of the coffee shop in order to create a unique visual and sensory experience, as in the case of “Rivad’Arno”, the fourth Ditta Artigianale’s location in Florence.

From our HQ to the coffee shop: watch the reel on our channel @victoriaarduinoofficial

“At Ditta Artigianale we love the exceptional design and lines of this coffee machine and the special customization created perfectly matches with the interiors of our new coffee shop.” – the Marketing Manager of the company, Katarzyna Szatańska, told us. Rivad’Arno is a multicolored and unique coffee shop, inspired by the countries of origin of coffee: from Mexico to India, to South America, to Vietnam and to Africa, mixing strong tones and textures. The customization of the Black Eagle Maverick is characterised by geometric elements typical of Senegal, that take the colours of Ditta Artigianale’s logo (yellow, red and light-blue).

That’s how the Black Eagle Maverick’s contemporary lines and its special texture, mixed with new beverages and innovative solutions that combine performance and sustainability, create a fusion between creative forces and tailored technology, able to bring a unique and perfect coffee experience. “We have chosen Black Eagle Maverick because we already use its previous model (VA388 Black Eagle) in our coffee shop, opened one year ago, and our baristas are very enthusiastic about their daily work. In addition, we always look for new sustainable solutions and Black Eagle Maverick perfectly meets our expectations”- Katarzyna Szatanska said.

With Black Eagle Maverick, indeed, the experience is enriched with technologies that respect the environment, simplify operations, and offer the opportunity to prepare, with only one coffee machine, different types of beverage such as the Pure Brew Filter Coffee, a new filtered coffee extracted at low-pressure with a conical filter, resulting syrupy and with strong body.

The coffee experience continues in terms of increasing competence and knowledge, too. The Scuola del Caffè in Ditta Artigianale proposes different courses in collaboration with Simonelli Group and its formative platform Coffee Knowledge Hub. The next course “Multisensory Flavour Perception. How flavour changes with the environment and how to improve sensory perception” is planned on Thursday 19th May at the Scuola del Caffè in Ditta Artigianale in Florence.