taste high quality coffees brewed with PureBrew+ by the world’s top coffee producers and processors 

On the occasion of WOC Copenhagen and the official launch of PureBrew+, Victoria Arduino offers all visitors to stand CE-008 a rare opportunity to meet some of the most incredible coffee producers and processors in the world and taste high quality coffees brewed with PureBrew+.

Victoria Arduino will be hosting  Lost Origin, Los Pirineos, Los Nogales, Lohas Beans, and Café Granja La Esperanza. These multi-award winning producers and coffee processors are renowned for supplying coffees served by world and national champions in World Coffee championships like WBC, WBrC and WCIGS. Some of their coffees have also placed in the top of Best of Panama and the Cup of Excellence. Over 3 days of WOC Copenhagen you will get a chance to meet them and taste their special coffees, brewed with Victoria Arduino’s PureBrew+.


Thursday, June 27 

10:30-12:30: Café Granja La Esperanza (Colombia) will be serving a varietal of coffee from Finca La Esperanza that is exclusive to their farms.

The Café Granja la Esperanza team have won multiple awards through years of competitions. You will taste the expertise of this team lead by Rigoberto Herrera and Luis Eduardo Herrera in the cup.

Café Granja La Esperanza coffees brewed with PureBrew+ that you can taste: Mandela XO

13:30-16:30: Lost Origin (Panama City). This highly innovative coffee processing station resembles a scientific laboratory. Located above the Casa Bruja microbrewery, they share technical expertise and some equipment, allowing them to process coffee with precision. Lost Origin processed the coffee of the 2024 World Brewer’s Cup champion and helped Don Benjie place 10th in the Best of Panama in 2023; an impressive result considering Lost Origin has only been operating for two seasons.

Lost Origin coffees brewed with PureBrew+ that you can taste:

– Don Benjie Geisha Washed

– Don Benjie Geisha Natural

Friday, June 28

10:30-12:30: Los Pirineos (El Salvador). No introduction is needed for Los Pirineos, with 23 coffees in the El Salvador Cup of Excellence over the last 15 years. Fifth-generation producer Diego Baraonas continues the award-winning work with great passion. They just obtained 3rd place for experimental coffee in the 2024 Cup of Excellence.

Los Pirineos coffees brewed with PureBrew+ that you can taste:

– Pacamara Black Honey

13:30-16:30: Los Nogales (Colombia) won the Colombian Cup of Excellence in 2004. The farm is located in Pitalito, Huila. Oscar Hernandez and his sister Angie will represent the farm and their coffees. The list of accolades for Los Nogales is long, but just in recent years, their coffees have placed 1st in the US Brewers Cup 2024, 2nd in the Czech Brewers Cup 2024, and 1st in the UAE Barista Championship 2023.

Los Nogales coffees brewed with PureBrew+ that you can taste:

– Bourbon Pimienta, Natural

– Orange Bourbon, Natural

– Geisha, Washed

– Typica, Natural

Saturday, June 29

10:30-12:30: Lohas Beans (Colombia) presents coffees from a new generation of Colombian producers who have made a splash in the competition world over the last three years. Their successes with the coffees provided to competitors speak for themselves. They provided Caturra Chiroso Natura and Aji Natural to Michal Jasin, 2024 WBC champion.

Lohas Beans coffees brewed with PureBrew+ that you can taste:

– Tropical Fruit Forward Lush Aji Natural By Nestor Lasso

– Creamy Cultured Brilliance Chiroso Natural By Jhoan Vergara

– Tropical Fruit Forward Lush Pacamara Natural By Jhonathan Gasca

– Floral Symphony SL28 Washed #PaoTrujillo 

Discover more about PureBrew+ at our stand at WOC Copenhagen, CE-008.

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