For its worldwide preview in London, the presentation of the Eagle One coffee machine was in a special version customized by the architect Giulio Cappellini. For the new look, the international ambassador of excellence and Italian design used wooden recycled materials, dipped in an ecological resin, and then completely polished. The exclusive ‘Cappellini blue’ tints the side panels of the Eagle One. Eagle One is born in response to the new generation of coffee shops where design, performance, and sustainability are determining factors to create a pleasant and memorable experience. Personality is a clue aspect that gives an essential value to the barista and to the shop itself. That is why we made the personalization of the machine easy to do and adaptable to different environments that range from the classical type to the more glamorous and pop variety. The machine’s design adjusts perfectly with various materials that can be natural like wood, or technological like steel, resins, or aluminum. The Giulio Cappellini Eagle One version is an example representing a mix of history and innovation: unique recycled wood, ecological resin and aluminum. For the shape of the Eagle One, Victoria Arduino was inspired not only by its impressive history, but also concentrating on the needs of the new era coffee shops that require compact, efficient, and sustainable machines. That’s how design and innovation fuse: having a substantial impact inside the machine in correspondence with its new form. The result is an extremely compact object, simple to use, minimal design, with a new engine able to guarantee high performance and energy efficiency. The innovation of Eagle One is also about its esthetical and functional simplicity. The project completely covered all aspects; every single component was studied in relationship to the entire system. This new organization allowed the machine to become extraordinarily compact and become adaptable to many different locations. The ergonomic research of the Eagle One made it remarkably user-friendly, so the barista can work smoothly and provide an excellent coffee time for the client. The creation of the Eagle One majorly contributed to the topic ‘world pollution.’ The choice made to use new materials and the unique design of the machine allowed the reduction of C02 emissions compared to other devices of the same category. With the new NEO (New Engine Optimization) technology, an important goal has been reached: obtain the same high performance while reducing energy costs. Eagle One is perfectly balanced with design, innovation, and sustainability to provide a pleasant and memorable experience for the user and the customer.