More and more cafes in Melbourne have been offering a 10% discount to customers who bring a reusable cup. It’s an intentional choice that affirms their values and those of their customers. Victoria Arduino’s green movement involves diverse aspects; from the study of the Life Cycle Assessment to reduce CO2 emissions during the machine’s entire life cycle, to the verification of the product compliance regarding the standards of green building in order to obtain the green certifications. After the VA388 Black Eagle, the whole Victoria Arduino product range can be found on the Ongreening website and offers a strong contribute to acquire green building certifications. Victoria Arduino is the first coffee machine brand to be part of the Ongreening platform, the world’s first website designed to provide building professionals with news and updates on the most relevant green building rating system such as LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), BREAM, HQM, ESTIDAMA AND HK BEAM PLUS. The platform evaluates products compliant with green building standards and publishes green building products that contribute to the certifications. Through the Ongreening website, Victoria Arduino provides a complete overview of its coffee machines and grinders in terms of sustainability. Architects, engineers, designers, managers, and retail chains can see how our coffee machines potentially contribute to major green building certification systems. For Victoria Arduino, environment protection is particularly important. We have been continuously increasing the sustainability of our products for many years, and we will continue to do so in the present and future. Our commitment is to build a cleaner, more sustainable world for our partners and coffee community around the globe.