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Designers week. Forms and colors create pleasant locations and social spaces.

Design is an exemplary interpretation of a transition, notably through coffee shops, the home, or the office. The spaces in which we relate with the external environment become an extraordinary reflection of ourselves. Famous international designers Giulio Cappellini and Leonardo Talarico portrayed precisely that last November during the Milano Designers Week. Interni magazine interviewed the […]

Discover the E1 Prima app

It is the first digital coffee machine of Victoria Arduino. Wherever you are, you can check up on its performance, view your recipes and discover those of the best baristas worldwide—all with a simple touch on a smartphone. The Victoria Arduino E1 app is THE application that improves and makes using your E1 Prima simple. […]

How technology helps with fresh coffee

Roasted coffee needs to remain “young” to express all its aromas. However, it is also a fact that it should not be that fresh either. A fresh coffee bean is the result of the short time passed between the roasting and the consumption, this can be a problem for baristas, and of course, they would […]

Are you ready to play? Create your Eagle One

Follow Victoria Arduino on Instagram and Facebook; Tuesday, June 23rd, we will publish different IG stories where you can mix up and personalize virtually your Eagle One. You can choose different colors, texts, gifs, and freehand design what you like! Make a screenshot of the personalized Eagle One machine and share it in your stories tagging @victoriaarduino1905. […]