The whole concept of Pure Brew began with one simple question: wouldn’t it be great if there was a coffee machine where you could brew either espresso or filter coffee at the touch of a button?
Pure Brew Coffee is prepared with a specially designed conical, basket with a micro-thin double mesh that can holds up to 24 grams of coffee. By combining the Pure Brew Technology with our brand new, patented filter basket, you can create a new filter coffee at the touch of a button.

You control the variables

You can set the dose, brew volume, temperature and total time. Choose from 3 recipes that control the turbulence according to the roast profile of the coffee. Then all you need to do is add the coffee, press the button and your Pure Brew will be ready within 1-3 minutes. Once programmed, the Pure Brew will give you exactly the same coffee, cup after cup after cup. During the extensive testing to find the best recipes and explore the Pure Brew technology, Victoria Arduino team created recipes with different flow rates for light, medium and dark roasts. The results were as diverse as the coffees, ranging from floral, sweet stone fruits to syrupy and smooth, with chocolate and nut flavours. One of the tested Pure Brew Coffee recipe using the ‘Light’ profile dosed 20g for a 250g brew in 1minute 40 seconds for a highly aromatic washed process Ethiopian coffee called Gora. The Pure brew techonology really enhances the aromatics of the coffee. Pure Brew coffees start with an intense aroma that catches the essence of the coffee, the cup profile highlights the distinct flavour notes and a full body.
Pure Brew is a great innovation: the barista controls all the brewing parameters – the temperature, the brew volume, the dose, the blooming and the pouring phases. Once programmed every cup is consistent, allowing the barista to focus on their customers.

What about the uniqueness of the Pure Brew filter coffee?

Victoria Arduino team tested and tasted different recipes of Pure Brew with different brewing profiles (dark, medium and light). TDS values, measured with a refractometer, are around 1.30-1.50 with a superior mouthfeel. Coffee is more syrupy, and round than other filter methods because Pure Brew Coffee uses a metal micro-thin double mesh filter. This filter allows more oils and compounds in order to have a full mouthfeel, maintaing the cleanness of the cup. With the Pure Brew Technology we get great sweetness, so it is able to balance the entire cup profile.
The Black Eagle Maverick allows the barista to literally switch from espresso to filter coffee at the touch of a button. Hit the Pure Brew Coffee Filter pre-setting, attach the ingenious Pure Brew Coffee Filter basket and the Black Eagle Maverick will automatically adjust the strength, flavour and temperature controls. But if the barista wants to test their ‘Maverick’ attitude, they can set a custom recipe, changing the volume and timing for any Pure Brew phase (blooming, pour one and pour two) and the Maverick will automatically set the best pulsing profile for a syrupy, full-bodied coffee, every single time.

Come to taste the Pure Brew at Internorga (Hamburg)
from April, 30, to May, 4

Hall B3.OG, Stand 105