New personalization solutions to represent the barista, his/her values, and the coffee shop design.

Eagle One never stops. Fully adaptable to any style and design, this machine will satisfy the needs of even the strongest of personalities. Two new customizations are available for the back panel, which are even more sustainable and made with modern materials. They are the new back panels Rock Grey and Wood.

Eagle One Rock Grey

In the RockGrey customization, concepts of coldness and solidness of the stone perfectly cast into the back panel using a unique softening and molding process, gives it a finished soothing soft touch.

Eagle One Wood

A trendsetter in bio-architecture and bio-construction, wood, together with other materials, makes the back panel a natural and simple embellishing object. Wood is one of the elements that today can be used to convey a precise identity to any shop.

I am One. How the machine reflects the personality of the barista and the shop.

It is with personalization that the machine reflects the personality of the barista and the coffee shop. Eagle One has been designed to be easily adaptable and customizable to any surrounding, shall it be classical, glamour, or even pop-style. It is the coffee machine born to respond to the ever-growing needs of the new generation coffee shops where design meets performance, meeting sustainability. These are the main assets needed and that the machine has to deliver a memorable coffee experience.