Experience Victoria Arduino at Intergastra

New products, new customizations, and new tasting experiences. Step into a world of senses at Victoria Arduino stand 8C56 at Intergastra.

The stylized eagle, the symbol of the Victoria Arduino brand, absorbed all knowledge from decades of experience and transformed them into innovative technologies, and materials, generating new experiences. The brand offers chains, roasters, baristas, and pastry chefs, ingenious products for the extraction and production of high-quality steam, enveloped in a contemporary and distinctive design.

André Kirberg, German Roasting Champion 2023, is our special guest at our stand, brewing coffee with the Black Eagle Maverick, our intelligent, sustainable and user-friendly coffee machine. Black Eagle Maverick professional espresso machine equips important improvements in terms of performance, precision, and sustainability.

There is more; at stand 8C56, you have the chance to experience a novel workstation showcasing Eagle Tempo and PureBrew+. Eagle Tempo is a professional espresso machine with a recognizable design and high production capacity, incorporating technologies that allow you to work daily while saving energy and reducing waste. PureBrew+ is a sleek and compact device meticulously engineered to harness Victoria Arduino’s patented PureBrew technology and can add more value to an Eagle Tempo workstation. PureBrew+ is a special machine able to provide swift and effortless access to premium filter coffees.

Two new additions to E1 Prima family: E1 Prima EXP and E1 Prima PRO, premiere in Germany. With E1 Prima PRO, Victoria Arduino incorporates the most advanced technologies into one of the most eclectic designs. E1 Prima PRO is the professional single-group espresso machine for coffee specialists, roasters, chefs, and mixologists who want to reach unexplored heights of quality, discover new sensory boundaries, and savor the excitement of venturing where no one has gone before.

During Intergastra days, you can meet Victoria Arduino technology and design at Barista School by EspressoPool and on “Stuttgart Coffee Summit”. Here Black Eagle Maverick will brew espresso and Pure Brew Coffee during the “Coffee Symposium” event.

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