Experience Victoria Arduino at Internorga

New products, new customizations, and new tasting experiences. Step into a world of senses at Victoria Arduino stand 116 | hall A4

Internorga - Victoria Arduino

Victoria Arduino, a leading Italian manufacturer of professional espresso machines with its distinctive design and high performance, awaits you at Internorga in hall A4, stand 116 to present to chains, roasters, baristas and pastry chefs a new solution capable of opening up new business possibilities.

Eagle Tempo, MyOne and PureBrew+. From the customer’s point of view, it looks like a normal configuration with a machine and two grinders, but from the operator’s point of view, it is a real coffee station, consisting of Eagle Tempo, MyOne grinder and PureBrew+, the new machine that can easily and quickly prepare PureBrew Coffee, a unique filtered coffee.

Discover PureBrew+. The advantage of PureBrew+ is that it can dispense up to 500ml of PureBrewCoffee, as well as tea and infusions, always guaranteeing maximum consistency and without requiring long preparation times for the barista. The operator only needs to grind the coffee for the PureBrew Coffee, attach the portafilter and press the desired recipe. Another interesting advantage is its design: all the PureBrew technology is encased in the iconic Mythos body, the ideal solution for creating a coffee station with a contemporary and distinctive design.

Among the products on display are also the two new additions to the E1 Prima family: E1 Prima EXP and E1 Prima PRO. With E1 Prima PRO, Victoria Arduino has condensed the most advanced technologies into one of its most eclectic designs. E1 Prima PRO is the professional single-group espresso machine for coffee specialists, roasters, chefs and mixologists who want to conquer unexplored peaks of quality, discover new taste boundaries and experience the thrill of going where no one has gone before.

Internorga will also be an opportunity to meet the Simonelli Group North Europe team, the new Simonelli Group subsidiary that will be a point of reference for the Northern European market from sales, technical and training perspectives.

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