London Coffee Festival. Be part of the PureBrew Live Experience with Victoria Arduino.

London Coffee Festival. Be part of the PureBrew Live Experience with Victoria Arduino.

From 20 to 23 April Victoria Arduino, one of the global brand leaders in the professional coffee machine and grinder sector, will be at the London Coffee Festival with various courses to offer roasters and baristas the best innovations for coffee extraction and grinding and to discover Pure Brew Coffee, in a live experience.

Pure Brew Live Experience London Coffee Festival

The stylised eagle, symbol of the brand that brought together the needs of any time and transformed them into technology, materials and experiences, has created a special event for the London Coffee Festival at stand H07: the Pure Brew Live Experience. Victoria Arduino, in cooperation with various international partners such as BWT, Fabbri, Market Grounds, REPA Group, Assembly coffee, and Discarded Spirits Co. will present visitors to the London Coffee Festival with mini informative and fun sessions to provide inspiration about new possibilities and opportunities to grow their business and to have new taste experiences with Pure Brew.  Just like Coffee Mixology, a refined practice aimed at recreating a intimate and all-embracing tasting experience, involving all the senses. With Pure Brew, high quality coffee and tea become part of the list of raw materials used by bartenders, offering to the art of mixology the opportunity to continue to experiment and grow. Mixology is to the world of drinks and beverages what gourmet cuisine is to food. But it is above all a great business opportunity that Victoria Arduino intends to present to its partners and to coffee lovers. At stand H07, various appointments are planned in partnership with Fabbri, a company that offers “premium” ingredients and innovative solutions for the preparation of food and beverage specialities.

Discover the Fabbri Pure Brew Mocktail (20/4 from 12:30pm – 21/4 to 1:30pm – 22/4 at 10:30am) and participate at the Fabbri Pure Brew Cocktail Show (20/4 at 3pm – 21/4 at 2pm – 22/4 at 11am) at the Coffee in Good Spirit sessions (20/4 at 4pm – 21/4 at 3pm – 22/4 at 5pm and at 6pm  23/4 at 3pm).

At a time when consumers are always looking to try new flavours and to reconnect with their favourite places to socialise, attention for choice of high quality and healthy materials is growing, to create cocktails that have exceptional taste and that can be prepared easily, quickly and consistently. That is why stand H07 will host, amongst others, Teahouse Exclusives, who offer a complete range of quality teas from all parts of the world. To this end, the tea experts from Teahouse Exclusives have launched a range of Baristateas, whose cut and variety of tea have been specially developed for PureBrew technology. There will be sessions to experience PureBrewTea (on 20, 21 and 23 April at 10.30am and on 22 April at 2pm) and Iced Tea (20/4 at 1:30pm – 22/4 at 3pm – 23/4 at 2pm).

When we talk about extraction, it is fundamental that we bear in mind the ingredient that makes up 98% of the coffee that we drink, i.e., water. For this reason, the PureBrew Live Experience will also see the participation of BWT, the international company that develops innovative products and services in the water treatment sector. With the BWT experts, there will be the opportunity to get to know more about the water for preparing espresso coffee, PureBrew and tea in a series of appointments planned for 20 and 21 April at 11:30am, 22 and 23 April at 12:30pm.

Brixton based coffee partners Assembly coffee have come on board for the Pure Brew Live Experience – bringing along with them a variety of limited edition coffees. Known for their rare and unique coffees, the team together with Matteo D’Ottavio, the UK Brewers Cup 2020 champion, will host the ‘Purebrew VS traditional metal filter’ sessions on all four days (April 20 at 2:30pm, April 21 and 23 at 12:30pm and April 22 at 4pm), touching on quality, unique flavour experiences, brewing methods and more.

Discarded Spirits Co. is one of the leaders in the sustainable spirits movement, creating drinks out of ingredients that would otherwise have been wasted. The company’s mission is to reduce needless waste from other food and drink production processes — and to unearth undiscovered flavours along the way. The brand offers some exciting takes on classics, such as sweet cascara vermouth, banana peel rum and more. Discarded will join us on the Pure Brew Live Experience stand for the spirit element of the show, taking a deep-dive into the world of zero waste spirits, flavour profiles, ice and mixology.

All the events are in partnership with REPA Group, the international supplier of spare parts for traditional and super automatic coffee machines, grinders, vending machines and all equipment and accessories for baristas. The tools that will be used at all the PureBrew Live Experience events have been made available by REPA Group.

This is how Victoria Arduino is inspired by the passion of all those who love coffee and who are committed every day to offer a unique sensory experience.


Pure Brew is a new method of coffee extraction without using the pressure of a traditional machine. This technology, along with a new patented double-layer conical filter, offers a new, simple and fast way of living and tasting the coffee experience. From the espresso coffee machine, it is possible to quickly pass from espresso to Pure Brew mode, allowing inexperienced baristas to immediately offer an excellent quality product, whilst experts can define ideal settings to extract the ideal flavours from one or more coffees. The brilliant aspect of Pure Brew is that new and innovative ways can be created to accompany customers out of their comfort zone and try new extraction methods and new coffees.

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