Design Week. The Victoria Arduino sensory experience in three different locations.

Design Week. The Victoria Arduino sensory experience in three different locations.

On occasion of Milan Design Week, Victoria Arduino-worldwide brand leader for professional machines and grinders, is putting on display all its tradition and innovative spirit during three events of sensorial experience that unties all our five senses.

victoria arduino design week

The customized espresso coffee machine by Giulio Cappellini
Where: Cafezal, via Solferino 27

A unique coffee machine made with innovative and sustainable technology able to extract optimal quality coffee, reducing energy consumption and its footprint. Eagle One , other than winning the prestigious ADI Design Index 2020 acknowledgment, was very much appreciated by the architect Giulio Cappellini that wanted to create this magnificent machine, his signature version. The personalized Eagle One by Giulio Cappellini is ready to meet your eye at Cafezal in Via Solferino 27. The machine represents a mix of history and innovation with the use of recycled wood, ecological resin, and aluminum. Absolutely to see.

victoria arduino cafezal eagle one

The most evolutionary and sustainable technology on the market.
Where: Cafezal, via Premuda 14

The Black Eagle Maverick, in total matte black with copper details, represents the most innovative extraction technology on the market for espresso, filter, and milk-based coffee. The machine has a minimal and contemporary style and is equipped with high-end technologies able to reduce energy consumption by 37% compared to the previous model.

After an entire day at Design Week, the Via Premuda Coffee Shop is a great stop where you can taste and savor the new Pure Brew beverages, a syrupy, full-bodied filter coffee perfect if used as a cocktail base ingredient. The Coffee Shop also organizes many workshops in collaboration with Aytem and Disain.

From April 18th to April 23rd from 10 am to 7 pm, Disain, an Italian-based company that develops and produces furnishing and lighting solutions exclusively made in Italy, will be at Cafezal di Via Premuda for a couple of dedicated workshops. Aytm Danish “haute couture” brand, specializing in house furniture, will be present at the Coffee Shop for a news conference on April 19th in the afternoon. It will be the occasion to taste the drinks and “haute couture” cocktails just like the brands.

victoria arduino cafezal black eagle maverick

The traditional hammered-style coffee machine
Where: Cafezal, Corso Magenta 96

Corso Magenta is situated in one of the most historical districts of Milan and the Cafezal Coffee Shop at number 96 celebrates the history of the neighborhood while bringing all of the innovative aspects of modern coffee shops. To celebrate Milan through past and future, the new Cafezal location will work with two espresso coffee machines that represent all the charm and historical greatness of Victoria Arduino, while the brand’s modern side is inspired by the passion of the many coffee lovers all around the globe. The machines Athena Leva and Eagle One Prima are the showstoppers that will extract the famous specialty coffee signed by Cafezal. The Athena Leva, the historic copper Victoria Arduino machine entirely hammered by hand, equipped with a leva extraction system, will work with the traditional Cafezal blend while the special version of E1 Prima will be extracting mono-origin coffees.

The new Coffee Shop location will be opened during Design Week and is very elegantly furnished with an early twentieth-century style theme and a notch of modernized details in the mix. “The project defined by the architect Barbara Zanetti, in collaboration with RAW&Company for the furniture, has the goal to represent Milan in Milan, for this reason we importantly chose machinery that celebrates the history of Milan during the early 1920s combined with the modern and contemporary metropolitan city that is today. Athena Leva and Eagle One Prima, in my opinion, are the best representation of these two aspects of the city.” Tells Carlos Bitencourt, owner of the Cafezal Coffee Shops. Cafezal Corso Magenta is a must-see location during Design Week to enrich your sensory experience with special mono-origin coffee extracted by the best coffee machines that painted the history of design starting from the early twentieth century.

victoria arduino cafezal nuova apertura