Designers week. Forms and colors create pleasant locations and social spaces.

Design is an exemplary interpretation of a transition, notably through coffee shops, the home, or the office. The spaces in which we relate with the external environment become an extraordinary reflection of ourselves. Famous international designers Giulio Cappellini and Leonardo Talarico portrayed precisely that last November during the Milano Designers Week.

Interni magazine interviewed the two designers for their journal’s last edition (read the interview here). They pointed out that the spot where one would connect with the outside, offline and online, becomes a sort of stage that reflects us from within. That is how Cappellini and Talarico created a unique installation made of particular objects to transmit a positive and colorful vision that evokes sunlight, brilliance, and creativity.

For the impressive installation of the Meeting Point at Milan Designer’s Week, Cappellini and Talarico involved some of the major players of Italian and international design, from Kvadrat, the textile company, to Icone Luce for the lighting, Cappellini, and Moroso for the furniture and the same Giulio Cappellini for the six unique color versions of the E1 Prima coffee machines.