Ready for WOC Busan.


Over the next three years Victoria Arduino will continue to support the best baristas in the world with Mythos, the official grinder of the World Barista Championship. Victoria Arduino continues its long collaboration with World Coffee Events, sharing the goal of promoting high quality coffee.


“I am proud to confirm our sponsorship for the most prestigious competition in the world, the WBC – said Fabio Ceccarani, CEO of Simonelli Group (owner of Victoria Arduino brand). “Being a WBC partner ensures Victoria Arduino the possibility to remain close to the front end of the coffee supply chain, understanding insights and driving Simonelli Group’s technological innovation toward supporting the SCA and the coffee community as best as we can. We’d like to congratulate all the sponsors who, together with Simonelli Group and Victoria Arduino, will have an active role in the next cycle of WBC competitions.”

The relationship with the WCE has been built and strengthened over the years, not as a simple evolution, but as a real revolution, a change in the standards for the coffee world and in the quality of the world’s most significant coffee event. WBC sponsor since 2009, Simonelli Group introduced important technologies allowing baristas to have greater control over the extraction. “After the great collaboration we had with the WBC through our coffee machines – continues Ceccarani – now we would like to enrich our experience by providing the competition our grinders Mythos, today undisputed and well-known leading products in the specialty grinding worldwide”.

During the next years, the strategic programs of Simonelli Group and SCA will see the company more and more involved in different initiatives in the field of Education, Research, Retail, Sustainability, alongside with competitions. “We will provide our technolgical know-how and our coffee culture, as well as our long experience in the competitions’ world, to contribute to the success of all SCA initiatives”, Ceccarani said.

Today Simonelli Group starts a new chapter of its collaboration with SCA and WCE. With Mythos, the company will bring all its grinding expertise to raise quality standards and contribute to the growth and promotion of quality coffee, once again.


Read the full article by SCA: “Announcing the 2022-2025 World Barista Championship Qualified Sponsors”


Time Express. A time travelling comic book telling the engaging story of WBC

Have you ever wondered what could happen if a person who lived in 1901 were catapulted by a time machine into the World Barista Championship?

That’s how the story starts of the young inventor Albert in a fun comic book created by Victoria Arduino and produced in collaboration with the cartoonist and author of renowned international publications Giuseppe Camuncoli, who handled the layout and creative direction. Alongside him, the writer Giuseppe Zironi, known for his many Mickey Mouse stories, the designer Lorenzo Zaghi and the colourist Francesco Segala. These are both young authors who have been working in the independent comic strip sector for years.

This comic book, that sets out to celebrate and pay homage to the six years of partnership between Victoria Arduino and WBC, is an explosive mix that features unexpected twists as well as real and science fiction characters. The characters are always driven by the same passion and commitment that people who have participated even in one world competition have come to know: in Seattle, Dublin, Seoul, Boston and then in Amsterdam.

Life is full of choices and Albert, a young inventor who has built a time machine, has chosen his path. To travel in time to discover all the secrets of the official machine of the World Barista Championship.

Download the comic book and travel with Albert into the world of competitions.